Terms and Conditions

Your Terms

  1. You must give the full STRICT 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule a lesson or pretest. You will be charged at full price of the arranged lesson or hours deducted from pre-paid lessons if 24 hours notice is not given.
  2. Your mobile phone must be on silent or switched off before the lesson begins.
  3. You listen to my instruction and directions given. This is the most important part and please keep in mind that if you have any questions to let me know and will explain the answer to you to the best of my ability.
  4. You do not panic by jamming suddenly on the brakes or swerving the steering wheel for no apparent reason. This could so easily cause a driver from anywhere to crash into us. If you feel uncomfortable you let me know and we will pull in a.s.a.p.
  5. Payment must be prepaid or at the end of your lesson so please have the payment ready. Change will be given where possible but when paying with cash please try to ensure you have the correct change.
  6. Remember the option to transfer funds if it's more convenient than paying with cash.
  7. For 12 lessons, If payment isn't paid in full then you'll be charged per lesson. Packages cannot be made in instalments.
  8. Once 12 lessons is paid in advance they must all be completed within 12 months of the date of the first lesson. By all means practice is so important in between but please keep this in mind when booking.
  10. You must ALWAYS carry your learner permit or driving licence (for advanced or motorway lessons) with you at all times during your driving lessons.
  11. I cannot legally begin your 12 EDT driving lessons without a learner permit from the NATIONAL DRIVING LICENCE SERVICEĀ www.ndls.ie It is not enough to have your driver number after an appointment with NDLS. You must have your permit to learn to drive.
  12. You must be on time for your driving lesson or pretest. If you are late you will only have the remaining time scheduled. If I'm late i'll give you the extra time at the end of the lesson or at the next lesson.
  13. Priority is given to a pupil who needs to hire a car for his/her driving test. You will be asked to re-schedule your lesson but this will only happen once where I ask you to change your lesson.
  14. Please keep a note of the time, day/date and location of your driving lesson. Mistakes can happen but if you forget about your lesson you will be charged for it.
  15. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I conduct a driving lesson with a pupil where I feel is unfit to drive or take instruction, I.e under the influence of alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep. If you are unfit to drive you will not be permitted to drive and you'll forfeit the full price of the lesson.
  16. There are dual controls fitted on my driving school cars but I will only use them in case of emergency or any situation where there's potential for danger to you, the pupil, myself or any other road user.
  17. I will from time to time take the steering wheel also where there's any possibility of danger or loss of control by the pupil.
  18. Use of dual controls and taking the steering wheel is done only as a precaution. The pupil is allowed to drive the car independently as I call out plenty of instructions to guide him/her.
  19. From time to time as my role as a driving instructor I will need to be firm with a pupil or pull in to explain any issue so that he/she can learn from any mistakes, I.e. Continuously driving at 60km/h in a 50km/h zone. I will NEVER SHOUT at any pupil unless under extremely dangerous circumstances.
  20. Both driving school cars are kept clean and tidy inside and out. It's expected that the pupil wear clean comfortable clothes and footwear to ensure the car remains clean.
  21. You will not be allowed the drive without proper footwear, i.e. barefoot. You must wear flat shoes or trainers with a proper sole. Stiletto heels and sandals will not be allowed and this same rule applies for a driving test applicant.
  22. If you're providing your own car for your driving lesson it is protocol to check your indicators at the front and back of your vehicle are in working order as well as your brake lights. This is for health and safety reasons.
  23. It is your legal requirement to ensure your NCT, TAX & YOUR INSURANCE is valid on the day of your driving lesson or driving test.
  24. From time me to time a pupils driving test is cancelled by the RSA and very little notice is given on occasion. If you're hiring my car for a test and the test is cancelled at the last minute you will not be charged for hiring the car. If your test is cancelled you must let me know a.s.a.p. and please ensure you know the correct time, date and test location.
  25. If you get the time wrong and in doing so you're late or too early for a driving test you'll be charged for any extra time given if you're too early. If you intend to hire my car and we arrive at the test centre too late because you forgot the time you'll be charged for the pretest AND the car hire. This is if the driving test isn't conducted.