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“The car you drive makes a difference to how you drive” – We belive that you deserve to learn in a comfortable car that puts you at ease, ultimately helping you be at your best behind the wheel.

. We use the world renowned Volkswagen Golf (comfortline model), with over 40 years of trusted driving behind it.

. It’s safe, comfortable, stylish, reliable, and very easy to drive.

. Duel control is fitted as standerd along with learner plates, we have cars that are branded with the You drive logo and we also have cars that are not branded, we believe many drivers would prefer to be less conspicuous on the road while learning to drive. – The choice is yours.

. The Volkswagen Golf is also one of the most spacious cars in its class, and an ideal alternative for those drivers who are a little taller or wider, and don’t wish to be shoe-horned into a smaller car.

Have a look at our car photos, and feel free to ask for the opportunity to meet and sit into it to get a feel for it. – The car you drive makes a difference to how you drive, and ultimately to you passing your driving test first time. Call John now on 087 617 75 75 to view the car and /or book a lesson and test drive to determine if this is the right car and instructor for you.

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