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Most people are nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, but don't worry. Your instructor will soon put you at ease. You will always have the same instructor. You will not be expected to drive on a busy road on your first driving lesson. You will be brought to a quiet, traffic free environment.

We can tailor the lesson to suit your level of ability. Lessons can be done in your car or in our dual-control driving school car.

Your instructor will introduce you to the controls and safety aspects of the car, taking you through all of the controls and pedals and how to use them.

You Drive provides you with the most comprehensive and up to date list of training aids to get you started. Each lesson finishes with a de-brief.

Modules include:

1. Intoduction to driving - the car, starting, stopping and blind spots.
2. Clutch control, moving off and hill starts.
3. Gear changing.
4. Junctions: Left and right turns.
5. Traffic lights, cross roads and pedestrian crossing.
6. Roundabouts.
7. Meeting traffic, obstructions and reaction to hazards.
8. Turnabouts.
9. Reversing around corners.
10. Parking (parallel / bay).
11. Motorway driving (full licenced driver only).

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